Rev. Sam Wellumson began serving Christ the King in January 2010. Pastor Sam grew up in Williston, ND. He attended the Association Free Lutheran Bible School and completed his undergraduate degree in English Writing at University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN and his Masters of Divinity at the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN. Pastor Sam has served on the AFLC’s Board of Publications & Parish Education. He and his wife, Sarah, have four young children.

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  1. sgj55 says:

    Thanks. I went to the links to learn more about your Lutheran Church Body. Generally, I dont read and folllow other Lutheran or Christian Churches. The reason is that as a lay person, I can’t always discern the correct doctrine from them. I don’t know what the difference is between our churches. Since you attend some LCMS functions, perhaps we are very similar.

    • Depending on the AFLC & LCMS congregation, there will be many similarities. Theologically, you will find many points of comparison. Since we are of Norwegian heritage, we do not subscribe to the entire Book of Concord as a denomination. However, I personally do. But our polities will be very different.

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